by yellow minute

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released November 1, 2009



all rights reserved


yellow minute Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: Junta Minunta
Let us turn on our hazard lights
Flashing yellow yellow yellow
For we all have spontaneity flowing from all our creative minds
It won't go on forever
It comes and goes as a shiver
You can't wait any longer

Amsterdam to Paris, France
Lone speed train blowing through the belgium grass
Let the hammer plug the iron hot
Temperatures correlate to our inner thought
Track Name: Chapter Two
Wet my finger stick the page
The new chapter had just begun
All of my friends fled the city with confetti thrown

See it moving through the air
Spinning like a steamboat wheel
Reminding me of my own vertigo being a trouvere
I know it will all work out
Love is all around

You and I we gave it our all noting good things come to end
Your ghost has haunted my house vacant
Split the final straw
Don't wade in the whirlpool
The deeper I go the more it swollows
Once was king here
It's time to rise and face the fear

We're on our own road

I been all around, I was everywhere but in your backyard where you wanted me to stay around like your personal dirty little pet
Track Name: Car Ride in Greece
Schenias to Athena in a Fiat
Acropolis conveying all thats quiet

the needle sews until my love garden grows
making the rounds to find my own solid ground

Schenias to Athena in a Fiat
Where I realized you were only on the other side
Track Name: Manhattan
We'll embrace the fire escapes, hold out our arms, leap from the gate
Flying beats trains and walking while moving through streets of Manhattan

So if your bruised, remember Adam
The black and blues will come less often
So drink your belly full
For the life that your lead is a scratching pencil (turning film reel)

You have poured yourself around this place
Slow like honey, move at your own pace